Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emotions Under The Rain

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 The near end of the month of May signals the end of the summer, end of vacation for the students and teachers, and the start of the rainy seasons.

When I was still a child, I used to have fun with the rain. I can still remember when my brothers and I create a paper boat during rainy days and let it sail on the flood. Well, those were just one of the happy moments with the rain. But now, as I grew years older (ehem), rainy days become sadder and sadder for me.

When there's a storm, I used to look outside from the window and watching how the rain falls and how it brings flood. I used to listen to metal/rock ballads for these kinds of moments. I hate the sound of the raindrops to the roof so I always turn the volume of the music so loud that I can only hear almost nothing from the raindrops.

As I am watching the rain, as the music plays contineously, I begin thinking of some things in my past. I usually ask myself why I didn't do that or why I did that or how am I going to do that. Unfortunately, that questions will remain just questions until the rain stops.

Sometimes, I reminisce my childhood days, or my highschool days. I start thinking and missing those they called "barkada" - the jamming moments, "inuman" sessions, "ligawan" blues, cutting classes (don't do this), fake and real group projects and activities, intramurals, prom, etc. Sometimes, it's fun thinking back but there are moments that I can't understand but I will just feel that tears began flowing from my eyes. I can still remember the quotes "Walang iwanan", "Pag nag-asawa ka kunin mo ko abay ha?", "Ninong at ninang kayo ng magiging anak ko sa future ha?", "Lagi tayo mag-reunion.", and more of something like those.

Here's a weird thing I do sometimes when raining. Would you believe that I am trying to look for a single drop of rain from the roof and I will not take off my eyes to it until it reaches the ground? I don't know why I am doing that.

Rain makes the surroundings feels colder. These times, I began missing of my love. We were not together when it's raining, mostly. Then I will start thinking of some challenges that we faced and passed through together. These were the most emotional thing I am thinking while watching the rain.

This is what I am everytime it rains. But rain is such interesting for me. I hope that I can post about that on the next few days. Can you share some of your rainy days emotions below at the comments area? If you only want to share. Thanks!

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