About The Author and Blog

I am a Computer Engineer by profession. This blog is just the other side of me.

Aside from being fond of programming, the other side of my heart and brain belongs to writing. As a person, I am still looking for contentment. And unfortunately, I can't develop a software for that. So I am trying to write what I feel. Though most of them are quite dark for the majority.

I write in order to find friends. Friends that could have the same belief as what I am believing in, so I can have some companions. I am also looking for friends that opposed but understand my belief. I know that not all of what I am believing is right. I need them to oppose and correct me for what I am wrong.

The internet is my only social park. I don't make friends personally. Most people knew that I am a quiet-type. And that's true. I seldom argue by words of mouth. I use pen and keyboards for most.

I love music - emo, punk, gothic, symphonic metal, rock. Those are the true music for me. Once a song can't make me cry or make my head banging, that's not a music.

I love earning money. Aside from being a programmer and a trying-hard writer, I am also a desperate business man. I am trying to use my writings to earn some cents. I am also trying to look for some opportunities online.

I love eating. I am not fat, but I really love to eat - snacks, spaghetti, burger, fries, pizza, litsong kawali, sisig, siopao, halo-halo, chocolates. I'm spending a lot for foods.

I love reading. I read online articles only. I hate books. I find books as sleepy things ever made.

I love road trips. I love seeing nature from riding a bus everytime I trip to province. I hope I can see more natures in some other provinces. But I don't have enough money for road trips now.

I drink beer and wine occasionally. I am a coffee addict, before. But, caffeine makes my body pulpitates so I stopped drinking coffee. I also smoke. But not in public places. I always look for a smoking area.

I love texting. I don't know how to survive without a cellphone. By the way, I only text with pretty girls. Haha! Just kidding.

I think, that's enough for a brief discussion of who am I. If you want to know more about me, then be my friend. Follow me on my online adventure. Here are my URLs and contacts.